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Stop smoking roadshow takes to the streets

Fri 27th January 2012

The local NHS is taking to the streets to encourage people to give up smoking by using their local NHS Stop Smoking Services whose support means you are four times more likely to quit for good.

NHS South of Tyne and Wear has organised a stop smoking roadshow beginning at Tesco in South Shields on Tuesday 10 January and will be travelling across venues in South Tyneside over the coming months – see below for venues and dates.

Stop smoking road show takes to the streets

Staff will man stop smoking stands and will be able to refer people wishing to quit to their local stop smoking services at community pharmacies on the spot. They can also give out information on stopping smoking and arrange to contact those people who go away with information to sign post them to services at a later date.

Pam Lee, public health consultant for South Tyneside PCT, said: “Stopping smoking is the single greatest thing you can do to improve your health. With the help of the NHS Stop Smoking Service you are four times more likely to quit than using willpower alone.”

One-to-one support is provided through a network of stop smoking advisers in pharmacies, GP practices and other locations across South of Tyne and Wear. Advisers provide a 12 week stop smoking programme which includes:

  • Preparation for quitting
  • Setting a quit date
  • Discussion and support to access stop smoking medications
  • Weekly carbon monoxide monitoring
  • Coping with recovery symptoms

What’s more, if you use the NHS Stop Smoking Service and currently receive free prescriptions, your Nicotine Replacement Therapy (eg gum, patches, inhalers) will also be free of charge.

Julie Parker, Public Health Lead for the Tobacco Alliance, said: “We held a Stop Smoking road show in 2011 which reached over 2,000 people locally.

“In the New Year many people think about quitting and it is never too late to stop smoking and see the health benefits. This year we hope the road show will reach even more people wishing to quit smoking.”

The roadshow will be visiting the following places:

South Shields Tesco – Tuesday 10, Wednesday 11, Thursday 12, Friday 27, Saturday 28 January. Thursday 2, Friday 3, Saturday 4 February

South ShieldsAsda – Friday 13, Saturday 14, Thursday 26, Friday 27, Saturday 28 January. Friday 17, Saturday 18 February.


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