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NHS national staff survey success

Fri 01st March 2019


Results from the 2018 NHS National Staff Survey have revealed that staff from NHS South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are the most positive in the country about their CCG employer.

The NHS National Staff Survey runs every year, with every CCG in the country invited to respond. The survey looks at staff wellbeing and morale, helping to highlight areas of success and identifying where improvements can be made.

In the survey, NHS South Tyneside CCG came out top in the overall positivity of staff members working in CCGs across the country. The CCG scored highly in questions relating to staff health and wellbeing, feeling valued and working in a supportive environment.

“It matters to us that staff feel trusted and empowered to make decisions and design the best possible services for people’s needs, working on the principle of ‘high trust, low bureaucracy,’” said Matt Brown, Operations Director for the CCG. “These results are encouraging, and we will keep on working to maintain a positive culture where staff feel valued and able to deliver to a high standard for our community.”

In the survey, 95% of staff who responded felt they would recommend the CCG as a good place to work. The results of the staff survey can be found here.

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