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Don’t miss your vaccine because of a wrong number!

Wed 21st April 2021


Don’t miss out on your second vaccine dose because your contact details have changed! That’s the message from NHS leaders in South Tyneside as increasing numbers of patients are due to return for their follow-up jab.

Matt Brown, Executive Director of Operations at NHS South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: “The huge vaccine effort is going incredibly well, with patients keen the get the jab and the protection it offers. But inevitably some people move house or change their phone and at times they may forget to let us know.

“It’s important to get your second dose between 10 to 12 weeks after the first, to get a higher level of lasting protection against Covid-19.

“Our local centres are currently offering appointments to people who had their first dose at Flagg Court, Cleadon Park or The Glen between 9 and 14 February. If you had your first jab then but you haven’t heard from us, or if your contact details have changed since your first jab, please call the South Tyneside Vaccination Contact Centre on 0191 283 1925.

“We’re talking about small numbers of people here, but in the effort to keep us all safe from Covid, every vaccine helps.”

South Tyneside’s NHS has now offered first doses to the first nine vaccine priority groups and is currently providing second doses to these patients, as well as first jabs for people aged 45-49.

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