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‘High risk’ groups urged to get FREE vaccine this winter

Fri 28th October 2011

A mother and daughter are urging those who are at risk from flu to protect themselves with the free flu vaccine.

Maria Stanbury and her seven-year-old daughter Tamara Armstrong-Bale both suffer from asthma and are at risk from flu.

Maria, 29, of South Shields was diagnosed with asthma as a girl but grew out of it, only for it to return. And Tamara was also diagnosed three years ago – both now have the flu vaccine.

“I have had the vaccine for the last few years ever since I was diagnosed with asthma,” said Maria.

“I have grown up with the vaccine as my whole family including my mum and dad, two younger sisters and my grandma all have it. In fact before my grandma had the vaccine she was very ill in hospital with flu and was poorly for a long time afterwards.

“I had flu once and it left me extremely weak, it was afterwards it really took it out of me. Having the injection is now a normal part of my life every year.”

Both mother and daughter get the vaccine at Marsden Road Health Centre in South Shields every year when their GP contacts them.

“We both go every year as it is really just a few minutes and you know you are protected for the whole of winter. Since we have had the vaccine the most we have had is the sniffels. I would encourage everyone who is at risk from flu to protect themselves with the vaccine.”


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