Service reprocurement: South Tyneside GP out-of-hours service

About the GP out-of-hours urgent care service

The current GP out-of-hours contract in South Tyneside will end March 2023.

The service only provides telephone assessment and home visits, with the number of people requiring a face-to-face assessment with a clinician overnight being low. The region has a valuable clinical telephone assessment and advice service which means patients will be virtually assessed / triaged, and advice given for possible complications or risk, advice provided over the telephone for self-care and any worsening of symptoms to watch out for.

Purpose of the involvement

The CCG would like to better understand what is working well with the GP out-of-hours service, in order to carry this over into the next service or if there are gaps, inefficiencies or new population needs that need to be addressed through service development and redesign.

We are aiming to understand:

  • The patient journey through the out of hours urgent care system, including the GP home-visit service
  • Service-user experience, including the out-of-hours GP home visit service
  • Any challenges and/or barriers to using the service
  • What people felt works well with the service

To do this, the CCG have planned a range of involvement activities with key stakeholders, past service users, and through focus groups with protected characteristic groups.

This work will happen during September and October 2021.

Stakeholders are also invited to share their thoughts about the out of hours service by emailing Stakeholders are asked to think about:

  • How the GP Out of Hours service currently looks in South Tyneside
    • What works well and why?
    • What could work better and why?
  • What the GP Out of Hours service would look like in an ideal world
    • What would it look like?
    • What needs to be changed or implemented to achieve this?
  • Any other comments they would like to make?

Stakeholders can do this by completing the online survey which will close on 30 September 2021.

Further information

If you have any further questions on the work we are doing, please email or call 07778 308 605