What matters to you – finding out what the people of South Tyneside think

Alliance Leadership Team

The South Tyneside Alliance Leadership Team was established to enable South Tyneside Health and Wellbeing Board to develop integrated commissioning and to align health and care services to improve the health and wellbeing of local people acroccs the whole life-course.

Health and Care Alliance Leadership Team talk to South Tyneside residents about what matters to them May 18

Urgent Care in South Tyneside

At the 4th September Local Engagement Board/Health Fayre the CCG spoke to attendees about urgent care in South Tyneside.  The feedback and how this information will be used can be found below:

Urgent Care feedback

Family Health Services in South Tyneside

As part of Transformational Commissioning, a short survey was developed with the purpose of gathering information relating to the provision of family health services. The survey also asked about having a ‘Family Hub’ situated in four localities within the borough and how this idea was perceived by the people who would use it.

Family Hub

Family Hub Survey

Shared Lives

The Shared Lives scheme provides long term placements, short breaks and emergency support to adults with learning disabilities.  Individual support is provided in an approved carers’ home so that the person can live in a family surrounding.

The Joint Commissioning team, working together with the Shared Lives team, were tasked with reviewing the Shared Lives concept and looking to see if there are any opportunities for development.

Shared Lives

Personalisation Champions

Three Champions with learning disabilities are part of the South Tyneside Learning Disabilities and/or Autism Strategic Alliance.  Their role is:

To raise awareness about personalisation in South Tyneside;
To find out whether people have choice and control over the services they use and the support they get;
To be champions around the work of transforming services in South Tyneside.

Full details of the Champions work can be found below:

Personalisation Champions