Co-production Course

The Co-production Course offered to staff in January 2019 was offered again to CCG staff and partner organisations in April 2019.  Two courses took place, one on 22 April and one on 23 April, again delivered by NHS Northumberland, Tyne and Wear Mental Health Trust.  Staff attending the course were from the following organisations: South Tyneside CCG, North of England Commissioning Support, South and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust and South Tyneside Public Health.  Staff will be using co-production techniques in the work with patients and the public in South Tyneside.


Patient/Citizen Leaders Programme

This programme is for individuals across the North East and North Cumbria who are – or wish to become – patient/citizen leaders in our communities. It includes an introduction to some of the key skills, knowledge and qualities required to engage positively and effectively in the wider health and care system.

In August 2018 the course information and application was shared with members of the CCG’s Patient Reference Group, the Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement and third sector stakeholders encouraging them to apply for a place on the course.

The Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement, two members of the Patient Reference Group and one stakeholder from the third sector applied for the course and were successful.  The course took place over three days 5 October, 9 November and 30 November 2018.

The programme covered topics and skills including:

  • Negotiation, influencing and communication skills.
  • Political, personal and organisational awareness.
  • Understanding organisations, system working and the leadership challenges.
  • Questioning – using coaching methodology.
  • Self awareness.
  • Basics of service improvement methods.
  • Understanding personal strengths, resilience and managing emotions.

Full details of the course and application process are below:

NHS Patient and Citizen Leaders Programme

Following attendance on the course the two members of the Patient Reference Group met with the CCG’s Patient and Public Involvement lead to discuss ‘what now?’  One of the members would like to be involved in i) working with their practice manager on the GP patient survey, ii) shadowing the Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement, and iii) supporting others from their patient group to attend the CCG Governing Body.  The other member would like to be involved in i) taking more of a leadership role in their community, ii) feeding back and disseminating information to Healthwatch, and iii) following through with areas raised in the Patient Reference Group.  The CCG will work with the members to help them in these areas.

The members who attended the course have given their thoughts about the course and their next steps:

NELA Leadership Course 1

NELA Leadership Course 2

Outcome of leadership programme

Co-production Course

On Tuesday 22 January CCG staff and staff from partner organisations were involved in a co-production course delivered by NHS Northumberland Tyne and Wear Mental Health Trust’s Transformation Lead from the Trust Innovation team.  Partner organisations included South Tyneside Council, Age Concern Tyneside South, NHS South Tyneside Foundation Trust and North of England Commissioning Support Unit.

STCCG CoProduction Training Brief Jan 19

Co-production Theory into Reality

Co-Production Notes

The last session of the day was for participants to start planning how co-production could be used in their areas of work.  Plans were drawn up for co-production in CCG and partners’ Frailty and Integrated Rehabilitation work.  The plans included how patients and members of the public will be supported to enable them to be involved in the work.

Frailty prevention co-production