Staying safe

  • Only accept help and support from people you know or from trusted services
  • Do not pledge money to support the Coronavirus cause unless you know it is going to a trusted charity
  • There will be lots of rumours and misinformation online. Only pay attention to information from trusted sources such as the council, schools, Gov.UK or NHS websites. The Government has launched a free Coronavirus Information Service on WhatsApp, to give rapid access to trustworthy information about Covid-19. To sign up, add 07860 064 422 in your phone contacts and then message the word ‘hi’ in a WhatsApp message to get started.
  • If someone comes to your door offering to test you for coronavirus – even if they show what appears to be medical ID – do not admit them, then contact the police
  • Please do not place signs in your window saying you are self-isolating, as this may attract people who are looking to prey on vulnerable people

Useful Information

See poster Parent-Guardian Online Radicalisation Information and Support

Helpful contacts

  • If someone has been targeted by a scam, it can be reported to Action Fraud or by calling 0300 123 2040.
  • Police, fire and rescue service and coast guard (emergencies): 999
  • Police (non-emergencies): 101
  • Electrical problems: 0800 668 877
  • Gas leaks: 0800 111 999
  • Floods: 0345 988 1188
  • Water leaks: 0800 393 084