Progress is well underway to localise hundreds of clinical pathways which, when complete, will be used within general practice to assist with the care and management of patients within South Tyneside.

The resource is accessible to GPs during clinical consultations with patients and will provide an up to date, step by step resource for the management of numerous clinical conditions.

The project was launched in August with 80 pathways.

These pathways represent a combination of those frequently used in Australasia, where the initiative originated, and those identified by primary and secondary care colleagues as the highest priority for South Tyneside, including COPD, heart failure and diabetes.

Each pathway will include information on self-care, social prescribing, available third sector support and referral processes to specialist services appropriate to the individual pathway.

Following the initial launch, focus has turned to the development of the next phase of pathways with a further 50 priority pathways being identified.